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Now, after more than 10 years, available again:
Baptism classic cult first albums on vinyl again!
The Beherial Midnight (2002) NH-21
1. Sons of Ruin & Terror
2. Scattered Remains
3. From the Gates of Apokalypse
4. Centuries in Everdark Ashes
5. Blasphemic Tyrant
6. Forest of Suicidal Memories
7. Triumphant in War & Hate
8. Thy Heart Bleeds
9. The Beherial Midnight

Wisdom & Hate (2004) NH-036
1. Wisdom & Hate
2. Deströyer of the Human Race
3. Desecrating God's Creation
4. When the Night Is Immortal
5. Outro
6. Eliterian Legion

Re-mastered sound with new artwork.
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